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About Us

Classic Porsche Restorations

Restore Porsche is an ArtCar Inc. company locally owned and operated in sunny South Florida.  Our team of restoration specialists have been working with classic Porsches since 1986. Its a labor o love. Limiting our services to the  restoration of only classic Porsche’s has allowed us to gain an extensive knowledge-base of these cars, which our team is passionate about. Their experience is shown in the excellent craftsmanship and quality presented in a finished vehicle.

Our Dream

We like to think that people understand the great simplicity in the engineering of these early Porsche’s, whose design was  far ahead of the times before and is still efficient today. Design and brilliance aside, the sleeping mold that is rust, has threatened to take these treasures off the roads and into our junk yards. For years we have focused on early Porsche’s with a great deal of rust repair & panel replacements to bring back original strength and beauty. We like to think that each saved Porsche today will be well appreciated (and appreciating) long into the future.

Why Restore a Classic Porsche?

These particular “older Porsche’s are the most fun cars on the road to drive.” We hear that time and time again from seasoned 356 and early 911/912 owners, can’t help but agree.  They also make good investments, as other markets weaken, certain specialty collector cars prove to be solid investments While all cars may not worth the time to repair, we can assist in finding the right project that is.