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Here are some of the questions that customers frequently ask. If you have any question that are not properly addressed here please feel free to contact us directly.


Do you do partial restorations and metal repair?

Yes, we can do metal repair and partial restorations on your early year Porsche. Simply make a note of what you need done in our Feedback and support area.

Can you build “outlaw” or other custom early Porsches?

We love building outlaws,  If you want to make a one of a kind custom early Porsche we can help you do that. Some of the most fun ones to drive have upgraded disc brakes, a cam, stainless exhaust, roll cage, through hood filler, black chrome, cage, wide wheels…

 Do you have cars that are available to restore?

We usually stock early Porsche rolling chassis, some with engines in most air cooled models including 356, 911, 912, 914.Take as they are or have us bring up to a level you would like to take delivery at. Any stage to full restoration is available  Contact Us for more information.

 How do I get my car to you?

In some cases we will be able to personally pick up your vehicle if not we can  help you arrange either open or enclosed transportation service through CentralDispatch.com to get your project on the road. We don’t charge a broker fee saving usually 100-200 in transport.

 Are early Porsches good investments?

Many early 1st year, rare, race history, and cabriolet Porsches have been strong performers.  The earlier Porsches have steadily increased in value over the last dozen years. The 356 has shown strong spikes in value with certain models. Investment growth opportunities are stronger than many other classic and specialty vehicles.

How long have you been restoring early Porsches?

 We have been restoring and working with air cooled Porsches for 30 years now. We enjoy Porsches and appreciate their engineering and simplicity, and will probably continue the admiration of the classics models for years to come.