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Quality Materials


We choose to use the highest quality materials in all phases of  restoration projects.

Genuine Leather

There are many leathers out there of differing qualities. Our genuine leathers are purchased from Spinneybeck  and Dani. Cows are generally German or Austrian raised without barbed fences and considered the best in the world.

Spinneybeck full grain leathers are superior to top grain leathers.

They are stronger. Full grain leathers have greater tensile strength and are less likely to ‘puddle’ than leathers which have lost the surface layers. Top grain leathers have had the upper portion of the dermis removed therefore losing the strongest, tightest, and most dense part of the hide. They are not as strong as full grain leathers and will permanently stretch over time. Whereas properly maintained full grain leather will never look worn and will outwear textiles and top grain leather many times over. Since fabrics are woven, changes in their appearance from age and use detract from their beauty. Leather will absorb body oils during use and enhance the leather’s appearance over time. This improvement in appearance is called patina and it’s a unique characteristic of natural leather.

They are more comfortable. Full grain leathers breathe and ventilate body heat away from the body, allowing them to remain cool and comfortable in summer while not becoming cold and rigid in winter. Conversely, top grain leathers have their surfaces clogged with heavy applications of finish and will not wick away heat. In addition, they feel artificial as silicone-based fillers are used to patch holes and deep barbed wire scars and does not adjust to your body temperature nor wick away moisture.

They are more beautiful. Full grain leathers produced from the highest quality of raw materials have depth of color and require less finish, allowing their natural markings to show.

They are more supple. Full grain leathers are natural, supple, and provide a robust hand. This natural characteristic adds to the luxury, value, and comfort of the leather and is not evident in lower grade top grain leathers.

They are longer lasting. Full grain leathers, which have all of their natural properties intact, will breathe and will maintain high moisture content and a proper pH balance. Top grain leathers receive heavy applications of finish which seal the surface. The pore structure is removed preventing the leather to breathe.

They have a larger hide yield. An average of 80–90 percent yield per hide provides a lower waste factor than top grain corrected material meaning
 less square footage is required and a lower waste factor for cutting patterns.

Characteristics of Full Grain Leather

No matter how advanced the tannery, each and every piece of leather produced is unique in character. A quality hide’s natural origins are displayed on its surface. Look for these essential characteristics of full grain quality:

  • Fat wrinkles or growth lines as subtly shaded bands on the grain side of a hide
  • Natural variations in grain texture and shading
  • Small scars since on a quality product they do not render large portions of the hide unusable
  • A similar shade of color on the suede side demonstrates superior base dye penetration
  • The depth and shading of color on the grain side is comparable to that of a transparent color stain on a piece of fine hardwood furniture

Choosing full grain leather is the smart, long-term solution if comfort, quality, and durability are important.

Dani Leathers

Leathers with long-lasting finishing, scratch, rubbing and extreme temperature proof: the correct balance between natural characteristics of leather and studied chemical interventions confer consistency and durability to Dani’s leather.

DANI Automotive is able to serve, thanks to years of experience in the field and thanks to the advanced technology, the most important car producers and to ensure a product suitable for any type of application, by producing mainly leather FOC (Free Of Chrome).

The main applications, of Dani’s leather on car interiors, concern in particular the covering of:


  • •   Seats                                                                              •   Door panels 
  • •   Steering Wheels                                                         •   Gear knob
  • •   Glove compartment & Dashboards                      •   Headrest & Armrests


  • This different applications enable us to provide various types of leather, all produced according to ISO / TS 16949 certification, which guarantees reliability and quality consistency to our customers.The following types of leather are produced for automotive sector: aniline, semi-aniline, printed & pigmented leather, anti-soiling leather, thermocool leather, splits, conditioned leather (anti shrinkage).


We use Glasurit  water base paint for our restorations and PPG concept Single stage.

Glasurit has a long, proud history of being the ultimate in finishes. Our products are created to work together as a system and provide a quality, long-term finish. Glasurit basecoats, clears, and primers have specific chemical components that are designed to link into each other so that each layer in the coating film is compatible with the others. By adhering to the system principles, Glasurit promises collision repair facilities logical, easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable products that yield world class finishes.

PPG Single Stage

When it comes to building durability, increasing performance or enhancing appearance, PPG Refinish owns a track record of success no other company can match. For nearly 100 years, we’ve delivered the automotive, commercial fleet and light industrial coatings the world needs.

As the global leader in transportation and industrial coatings, we offer the innovation, experience and stability your business needs. Every year, PPG invests millions of dollars into research and development. We offer unmatched comprehensive technical, process and professional training. Most importantly, we are focused on the refinish industry and dedicated to the highest level of service and quality.