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1995 993 Electric

2016-09-23 19:33:35 paul
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1960 356B Cabriolet Electric

2016-09-23 19:01:23 paul
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1975 911 Targa

2015-10-17 19:37:04 paul

Specially built for a glass art sculptor. This Targa was built with glass floors, a Saratoga see through top, and glass back to view four electric motors and gearboxes. Initially fitted with diesel generator that burns one half gallon per hour it came with challenges.  Although a 15KW generator could work, the smell, noise and vibration was not what it could be as a straight EV. The rear was fitted with 48 more pieces of of 100Ah Heter batteries wired in a 2P1S configuation.   Custom gear boxes eliminate the transmission completely. Touch screen display in the center of the dash controls most functions including lights, stereo, computer, speedometer, tachometer, controller status, etc.

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1968 911 Euro T

2015-10-17 19:12:06 paul

This is a rare model the short wheelbase European T which was only made in 1968 . This one was purchased by US airman stationed in Italy. Restoration started with bare metal strip down, inspection, then full panel replacement wherever questionable. factory look wavy undercut applied. Freshly refinished in Earth Olive this rare 68′ T example was a precursor to the 911 from 1969 in the US. This Italian delivery car came with clear/white lens and Euro headlights. Number 357 of 928 built, very few were delivered to Italy . Offered as a beautiful driving/investment with nothing needed to enjoy and or show. Comes with COA, series matching engine with rebuilt upper and lower ends. New pistons, cylinders, cases line bored with upgrades, new rod and crank bearings, valves, guides,rebuilt Zenith triple carburetors. New exhaust and other engine parts. Revs up quick, sounds tight. The interior is beautiful with correct perlon carpet and completely redone from top to bottom . Wood wheel with moto lita hub, period style radio with input for smart phone. Rare last year wider seat backs , all done in beautiful leather. All new seals, bushings, bearings, suspension etc. This last short wheelbase model is a pleasure to drive with excellent investment potential .

Vin # 11820357

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1961 356 B

2015-10-17 18:44:16 paul

We do outlaw 356s, you can pick an outlaw theme rather than a concours restoration. This car we did a larger engine, stainless sebring exhaust, high low cam, blackout some trim to give it an aggressive look.

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