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Chassis Services

We can handle problems with your suspension pan, floors, dog house, or wherever. Replacement panels from Restoration-Design offer most parts needed. Common problem areas for early porsches include front suspension pan, floor pans, and rockers. Installed using galvanized replacement panels.

Front Suspension Pan:       $1400.00  (Includes part)

Front Floor Pan:                 $1500.00  (Includes part)

Rear Floor Pan:                  $1500.00  (Includes part)

Rockers:   (Outer)                 $900.00   (Includes part)

(Inner)                  $900.00  (Includes part)

In some instances the rust has crept higher than the rocker or floor pan.  We are skilled at butt welding additional metal to put the strength back in the connecting points to the new panel.  Labor rate for this work is at $150.00 an hour as each car had different fresh metal replacement requirements.


From Headliner to under-carpet padding we can restore your cars interior to new. Details in the Interior make the restoration complete.


Engine rebuilding or tune ups can all be addressed to complete your work of art. Original Gas/ performance Gas and performance electric propulsion are both available.

Body Work Services

No Porsche is too rusted out, we have body work services available all day. Extensive rust repair is our specialty! Quality is important to us, so when our team of restorers works on a project, great care is taken to assure correct alignment of panels/gaps and original fitment. Porsche is our passion, these cars are stunning examples of quality automotive engineering and dedication. We like to think that we are saving these rougher bodied cars from those dreaded compactors!

If you need some body work done you can either call us for a quote or send an email and we will get back with you shortly.